Secure & Encrypted

We understand the important of security in IoT device, blink'r backend development started from secured communication.  All the communications, access to cloud backend servers are encrypted using most advanced algorithm commonly used by secure demanding  industry such as banks, military.

High Performance Backend

High performance means meet or exceed industry standard up time, scalability and response time. we build blink'r cloud backend toward these requirements so that you do not need to worry about how to scale when you grow your IoT devices to million, do not need to concern about down time and you are assured your devices and system have the fastest response time. blink'r backend is Docker integrated, so that you could build, run, ship any App anywhere, you could easily migrate between different cloud service provider so that you do not have to lock into one cloud service provider, or you could host your own cloud yourself.

Universal Communication

The blink'r push notification service enable cross platform notification, no matter it is from iPhone to Android Phone or any other brand, or from device to mobile device or from device to device, the notification will be delivered in real time. The blink'r instant messaging service powers the messaging in text, audio and video format across mobile devices, web and desktop. So a developer could implement real time instant messaging in a fraction of time of doing it in traditional way.